Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions below are related to the BRONZE Level Subscription, for which one can enroll directly on our website thanks to the online subscription form. For the GOLD Level and the SILVER Level subscriptions, please contact us for all details.

InsuranceINTEL BRONZE Level Subscriptions


InsuranceINTEL is a secured and subscription-based website that provides comparative tables of life & health insurance and investment products as well as other resources to support product analysis and sales. The website is available in English and French. InsuranceINTEL is a division of Éditions du Journal de l’assurance inc.

InsuranceINTEL does not provide pricing information on products, nor does it get sales compensation on products that appear on its website.

User Access

The BRONZE Level subscription provides an access for one year. Each user is required to have an account (sharing is not permitted). The InsuranceINTEL website is protected by access control software that monitors the traffic by username. A username and a password used by more than one person can result in additional subscription fees or the revocation of membership. Moreover, the transfer of an account ownership to another person is not allowed.

Refunds are only provided if the purchaser has never accessed the account. If the purchaser has accessed the account, then we consider that the information has been consumed, and therefore no refund will be provided.

Intellectual Property

No content or material, either in electronic or print format, obtained from InsuranceINTEL may be redistributed to anyone. InsuranceINTEL reserves the right to revoke the membership of users found violating this condition.

Privacy Policy

InsuranceINTEL, like the other divisions of Éditions du Journal de l’assurance inc., has a strict privacy policy. All personal information is kept confidential, and we do not share any personal information with anyone outside our company.

InsuranceINTEL maintains a log of website usage in order to better understand the needs of its clients and to improve its services.


Information provided by InsuranceINTEL is – for the most part – supplied by the participating insurance companies. Although InsuranceINTEL reviews the information, InsuranceINTEL cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.


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